Ziran Qigong Immersion Training 5, 6, 7, 8 March 2021

2021 Ziran Qigong Immersion Retreat

5 Mar, 2021 -  8 Mar, 2021
17:00:00 -  17:00:00

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Deposit only - Ziran Qigong Immersion Retreat 5, 6, 7, 8 March 2021.
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Event description:

2021 Ziran Qigong Immersion Training Retreat, Maitripa Centre, Healesville


Give yourself a treat, slow down, recharge and rejuvenate with three days devoted to Qigong and your wellbeing with good food and great company.

Join with us for our annual immersion retreat at the the Maitripa Centre set amongst the peace and quiet of the mountains surrounding Healesville.




As we have all been affected by the disruptive influence of the Covid pandemic of 2020, this retreat will focus on the health benefits gained from practicing Qi cultivation.

Within the Ziran Qigong system are practices to cultivate, harmonise and strengthen the Qi.
With continual practice, this will bring balance and wellbeing as your body, mind and spirit are harmonised.

This retreat is an opportunity to gain greater awareness of your body, health and capabilities:
  • Develop a deeper awareness and sensitivity of Qi and its presence - initial training in Qigong is about sensing Qi.
  • Cultivate Qi - further training increases the volume of Qi clearing the pathways and channels through which it moves.
  • Potentially harness and use Qi - when levels of Qi and the controls on its functions become high enough an awakening of movement through the body ensues.

During the retreat, you will be guided through movement and form practice to gain an experience and understanding of Qi.

Each days activities will focus on physical training for the body and somatic exercises to still the mind to create a strong connection with heaven Tiān (天) and earth Dì (地).


Due to the impact of the Corona virus, Master Liu Deming will not be coming to Melbourne in March and has requested Ralph Spethmann present the 2021 Ziran Qigong Immersion Retreat.
Ralph is a Ziran Qigong Master Instructor and Sixth Generation Disciple with a passion for supporting others to cultivate their Qigong practice.
With Ralph's experience organising many of Master Liu’s retreats and his years of teaching Qigong you can be assured of an enjoyable weekend and the same high standard.
The 2021 Immersion Retreat is open to all Qigong practitioners and any one engaged with a mindful practice.
* Please note that some Qigong experience is necessary as this is not a beginners retreat.
Delicious gluten free meals, fruit and tea/coffee is provided from your arrival till your departure.
All wholesome vegetarian meals will be prepared on site and served in accordance with COVID safe guidelines.
Please provide details when registering if you have particular dietary restrictions.
To meet Covid requirements the kitchen will be off limits to participants and all food serving and cleaning will be managed by kitchen staff. 

To meet Covid requirements all participants will have their own room.
The accommodation is comfortable and simple with separate male and female communal bathroom facilities.
Students will have access to the training hall, a communal lounge, dinning room and the grounds of Lower Maitripa.
An external marquee will be available to us if the weather turns.
To meet Covid requirements the number of participants permitted will be limited to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all at the retreat. 
The venue and organisers will strictly adhere to COVID safe guidelines current at the time of our event observing safe distancing and wearing of masks if required. You will receive further information by email once you have registered.
* Further information will be provided upon registration
^ Price to be finalised pending changes to COVID safe guidlines


The venue and organisers will strictly adhere to COVID safe guidelines. 
The number of participants permitted will be limited to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all at the retreat. 

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