Ziran Qigong Immersion Training - Expression Of Interest

Ziran Qigong Immersion Retreat - Expression of interest

10 Mar, 2023 -  13 Mar, 2023
16:00:00 -  15:00:00
The registration period is from 18 May, 2022 00:00:00 to 14 Mar, 2023 00:00:00

Event description:

2021 Ziran Qigong Immersion Training Retreat, Maitripa Centre, Healesville


Give yourself a treat, slow down, recharge and rejuvenate with three days devoted to Qigong and your wellbeing with good food and great company at our annual immersion retreat


We have all been affected by the recent pandemic and this retreat will focus on the health benefits gained from practicing Qi cultivation.

Within the Ziran Qigong system are practices to cultivate, harmonise and strengthen the Qi.
With continual practice, this will bring balance and wellbeing as your body, mind and spirit are harmonised.

This retreat is an opportunity to gain greater awareness of your body, health and capabilities:
  • Develop a deeper awareness and sensitivity of Qi and its presence - initial training in Qigong is about sensing Qi.
  • Cultivate Qi - further training increases the volume of Qi clearing the pathways and channels through which it moves.
  • Potentially harness and use Qi - when levels of Qi and the controls on its functions become high enough an awakening of movement through the body ensues.

During the retreat, you will be guided through movement and form practice to gain an experience and understanding of Qi.

Each days activities will focus on physical training for the body and somatic exercises to still the mind to create a strong connection with heaven Tiān (天) and earth Dì (地).


Expressions of interest Welcome

Expressions of interest are being sought for the next Ziran Qigong Immersion Retreat.
Venue and date are to be confirmed - there is no obligation and no deposit required till details are confirmed.
Get your name on the list and book your calendar.

Email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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