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Ziran Qigong Level One Introduction

29 Jul, 2021 18:00:00 - 16 Sep, 2021 19:00:00
St Andrews Uniting Church, Fairfield, 85 Gillies Street, Fairfield VIC , 3078 (AU)
0418 519 926

In Ziran Qigong it is believed that the health of the body, mind and spirit relies upon a smooth flow of Qi within the body and beyond. Our body/mental disease is the result of poor Qi circulation, stagnation and the lack of communication between our inner world and the universe. 

Opening meridians and freeing your body from physical and emotional restrictions creates space and emptiness to release life’s baggage and needless attachments, so that your life’s journey can be light and bright with your intuition awakened.

Paid Event | Seats Remaining : Unlimited |

2022 Ziran Qigong Immersion Training - Expression of interest

11 Mar, 2022 16:00:00 - 14 Mar, 2022 15:00:00

2022 Ziran Qigong Immersion Retreat - Expression of interest

Paid Event | Seats Remaining : Unlimited |